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Rally at the Arkansas River with Jane Kleeb

Updated: Jun 23

A meaningful day by the river

We were honored to have experienced Grassroots organizer, manager, political strategist, non-profit entrepreneur, and my long time friend Jane Kleeb, join us for a cool, but sunny day at the Arkansas River redo. 

Jane Kleeb’s Fight for the Environment

Jane Kleeb in a black leather jacket looking serious as she sits on a large rock in the woods
Jane Kleeb guest speaker and founder of Bold Alliance

Janes is founder of the grassroots group Bold Alliance living in Hastings, Nebraska with her family. Her history includes changing the route of the first Keystone Pipeline set to invade a very precious wildlife reserve and honored native artifact sites.  She also was an onsite supporter of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in their standoff with Dakota Access Pipeline officials.

A Powerful Message About Protecting Our Planet

Jane brought the messages of standing up for your rights to clean water and to unharmed nature.  We know the corporate masses only want to amass more profits for their companies over the benefits of living in harmony with nature, and not destroying it.

New Faces and Fresh Concerns

We were grateful to meet with many new people who wanted to know more about the massive demolition and destruction of the wonderful prairie river (Arkansas River) they were observing there. This new river design is not well-planned at all and not being a good steward of the local environment that has been there for centuries before the Oil Boom Days of Tulsa. 

Attendees holding the TAARA banner in front of the Arkansas River. In the background you can see the Sinclair Oil Refinery smoke stacks polluting the air.
Kelsey Royce, Jane Kleeb, Barbara VanHanken, Scott Carter, Ann Marie Beer, unknown supporter, Susan Arkeketa and Charles Pratt

An old postcard showing oil derricks in the Arkansas River near Tulsa
Oil Field Near Tulsa, Oklahoma is a photograph by Mary Evans Picture Library which was uploaded on January 24th, 2018.

Learning From the Past, Planning for the Future

There has been discovered an old postcard depicting the beginning oil boom with oil derricks in the Arkansas River.  Today there is someone who has been looking for old abandoned “orphan” wells that were not capped before abandonment and he found many in the Arkansas river near Tulsa.  I believe his plan was to get help with correctly capping these blights in our environment.

Let’s Make a Difference Together

Jane Kleeb’s visit reminded us of how much we can achieve when we come together to protect our environment. We’re excited to keep working on restoring the Arkansas River and need your help. Join us in making sure our river is safe and beautiful for everyone by signing up for our newsletter or making a donation.

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